— let’s get to know each other

I’ve been busy creating for my entire life.

As a kid, I spent afternoons collaging my potential futures with paint, glue and scraps from the TV Guide. I grew into a career as a branding designer and art director for various companies including Seychelles Footwear, L’Oreal Matrix, Izze, and OPI. When some of my personal projects gained attention from The New York Times and Elle Magazine, I was encouraged to focus on a brand of my own.

Nowadays I create art and design products that draw from my life experiences and the environment around me –– and as a California native, the inspiration is endless. I'm currently dedicated to #100daysofLainaTime which is a series of illustrations that I started as an exercise in self care during my mom's battle with esophageal cancer. The series is living, which means it is constantly evolving as a new piece is created every day. You can purchase prints though my online shop or find select designs and greeting cards at various boutiques. Follow along on instagram: @_lainalynn


I’m always looking for the next creative adventure. Contact me for commissions, art direction, or if you’ve just got a wild idea!

email me: hello@lainalynn.com


Some fun facts, just because.

Born in Paradise... no really. It's a place. Look it up.
Youngest of the family: 3 sisters, 3 brothers. Only one full sibling. (I can draw you a diagram)
Top ten movies (in no particular order): Some Like It Hot, Stealing Beauty, Sandpiper, The Big Lebowski, Mermaids, Somewhere in Time, Great Expectations (circa 1998), All That Jazz, The Turning Point, Network.
Favorite color: Chartreuse
Cats or Dogs?: Babies


Psst... The black and white photos on this site are pretty cool, don't you think? My insanely talented pal, Jenn Emerling, shot them for me. I'm forever grateful.